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Waco Health & Wellness serves the Waco and surrounding communities by providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive listing of health and wellness providers in the central Texas area. The editorial is health and wellness focused for individuals seeking to understand and improve the health of themselves and their families regardless of age.


The website is an extension of the magazine with the goal to be a one-stop healthcare information source for Waco and the surrounding area. The website has an online searchable database of healthcare providers in the Waco area, along with a healthcare calendar listing healthcare related events, programs, services and support groups.


Waco Health & Wellness is published twice yearly and distributed primarily through physician’s offices, dental offices, gyms and all types of healthcare facilities in the Waco and surrounding communities. Studies show that most people visit a physician or dentist office at least once every six months. Waco Health & Wellness is the only magazine requested by healthcare providers and used by providers for referrals.

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